• PULP

    Throughout the last 2,000 years, paper has played a crucial role in collecting and sharing information and ideas and has allowed us a window into the past.

  • Brain Scans / Neurotransmitting

    The exhibition features Ruth Cuthand’s intricately beaded reproductions of MRI scans, as well as a film component from Theo. Both facets of the exhibition illuminate the difficulty of facing mental health challenges, and how families unite in support.

  • Momentum

    Explore the diverse, seven-decade-long art practice of the formidable Jack Shadbolt (1909-1998) and the ‘Momentum’ exhibition. Works include early 1930s sketches, commissioned silkscreen play posters, painterly abstractions, and lithographs

  • Pendulum/Pendula  

    Living in the tension between beauty and repulsion, playfulness and danger, Pendulum/Pendula is a series of paintings produced collaboratively by artists John Hall and Alexandra Haeseker. With colourful subject matter drawn largely from  Mexican culture, the work is rendered in the stunningly photorealistic style they’re both known for.   Hall & Haeseker met when they were…

  • Out of the Ordinary

    Out of the Ordinary examines everyday household objects and questions our relationship to them.  It reinterprets the common, the mundane – buttons, fasteners and kitchen utensils – into exaggerated objects of questionable usage.

  • Unfamiliar Selves

    Who are we and what is the nature of identity? In Unfamiliar Selves, artists Jude Griebel and Tammy Salzl explore this question. Griebel’s fantastic sculptural beings contrast with the quieter, more introspective qualities of Salzl’s small scale watercolour paintings. Together, they offer a diverse and engaging perspective on the uncertain notion of identity

  • Lost Thread

    Lost Thread is a group exhibition bringing together several regional, provincial and National artists who are creating on the forefront of contemporary textiles in Canada and are practicing in respective spaces that push the boundaries between craft/art, and the historical/contemporary in relevant and intriguing ways. The exhibition was the first of an ongoing series of medium-centric…

  • Heather Benning: Field Doll

    The Field Doll will be taking up residence at Touchstones during the late summer and fall of 2018 and will also be making an appearance at several iconic spaces throughout the city of Nelson, including the Big, Orange Bridge (BOB). Benning has exhibited the Field Doll both in Canada and the US by placing the…

  • Sonny Assu and Brendan Lee Satish Tang: Ready Player Two  

    Brendan Lee Satish Tang and Sonny Assu combine elements from science fiction, comic book, and gaming cultures to consider how these forms alternately reinforce and transcend racial boundaries in youth culture. In their individual practices, Tang and Assu frequently negotiate the material and conceptual dynamics of culture and ethnicity. Informed by their mixed-race backgrounds and…

  • Listening to Fir

    Artist, improviser, beat writer, and electronic music producer DJ Olive brings his inimitable art sound sensibility and installation experience Listening to Fir. A combination of natural elements and electronic technology: water – wood – movement and sound – both audible and ambient, this sound art installation elucidates the art of listening