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2023 Members’ Show and Sale

The beloved Members’ Show and Sale returns in 2023!


Where We Stand

We are turning the lens inward and examining our role in truth and reconciliation – what we’ve accomplished, what we’re working on, and what we have left to do.


Back on Track: Kootenay Railways

From the copper mines of the Boundary District through to the coalfields of the Crowsnest, railways impacted social, political, and economic life in the Kootenays. As the various and competing rail lines created a vast transportation network that connected east to west, it also brought calamity.


River Relations

Using art as a visual and narrative critical tool, River Relations is a multi-disciplinary group exhibition that investigates the ecological and social impact of hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River. The project contributes to conversations about the effects of dam construction by producing creative work that provides critical, nuanced and evocative entry points for public engagement. 


There Once Was a Girl Named Hester, and Other Damaged Kids

With this exhibition, artist Amitai Ben explores the upbringing of his Jewish Dutch mother, Hester Trompetter, who was orphaned as a young girl and lived through the traumatic experiences of the Second World War. After ecoming a father himself and following his kids’ coming to age awoke in him the need to explore matters of vulnerability, dependency, courage and belonging. Amitai creates a world where the individual is surrounded by both the beautiful and the toxic, where horror and beauty are entangled, where brushstrokes build images and deconstruct them simultaneously.


Train Dreams

Train Dreams is an experimental three-channel video installation that examines the nature of memory and time by exploring history through railway culture. The exhibition includes animation, regional and international new and archival video footage, and an original sound design. This exhibition is a collaboration between four artists which portrays memory as a phenomenological, dream-like process. It does not unfold in a linear narrative process, but instead through a sequence of enactments, dissipations, and transformations. Train Dreams engages the viewer in a visceral process of sensory oscillation and plays with sense perceptions; creating experiences of scenes, shapes, spaces, colours, textures, and sounds, that blend together to form ambiguous impressions of the past.



SHUTTER is the fourth in an ongoing series of medium-centric group exhibitions presented at Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, curated by Arin Fay, which explore specific medium through as diverse a lens as possible. SHUTTER brings together artists: Dayna Danger, Adad Hannah, Sandra Semchuk/Jerry DesVoignes, Thaddeus Holownia, Althea Thauberger, Suzy Lake and Fred Rosenberg.


Enduring Spirit

Enduring Spirit is a collection of tintype colloidal prints that capture a moment in time of several families who have created their own place in the world. The portraits present contemporary families, yet the tintype method is dripping with nostalgia and romance.


Generational Echoes

Generational Echoes presents a survey of series created by Emma Nishimura and focuses on the narratives surrounding the Japanese Canadian internment. Based in Toronto, Emma’s work ranges from traditional etchings, archival pigment prints, drawings, and audio pieces to art installations. Using a diversity of media, her work addresses ideas of memory and loss that are rooted within family stories and inherited narratives.


Sharing the Collection Part I: Picturing Ourselves

Touring From the Indigenous Art Centre.