Contemporary Art

  • PULP

    Throughout the last 2,000 years, paper has played a crucial role in collecting and sharing information and ideas and has allowed us a window into the past.

  • Judy Wapp: VisuAlchemy

    As an activist, visual artist, and radio personality for nearly 75 years, Judy Wapp has lived an incredible life.

  • Brain Scans / Neurotransmitting

    The exhibition features Ruth Cuthand’s intricately beaded reproductions of MRI scans, as well as a film component from Theo. Both facets of the exhibition illuminate the difficulty of facing mental health challenges, and how families unite in support.

  • Momentum

    Explore the diverse, seven-decade-long art practice of the formidable Jack Shadbolt (1909-1998) and the ‘Momentum’ exhibition. Works include early 1930s sketches, commissioned silkscreen play posters, painterly abstractions, and lithographs

  • 2017 Members’ Show and Sale

    The ‘Members’ Show and Sale’ exhibition events are excellent opportunities to get a visual measure of our membership and reciprocate the support that our members give us as an organization. The last member exhibition took place in 2014 and was a beautiful and eclectic showing of the talent, dedication and passion that exists within the…

  • 2023 Members’ Show and Sale

    The beloved Members’ Show and Sale returns in 2023!

  • The Poetry of Objects

    A dress covered in spoons, a garment composed only of sleeves, an arc of lampshades….in the Poetry of Objects, artist Leah Weinstein invites you to celebrate unexpected connections and discover the extraordinary in the everyday. Using new and re-purposed materials and forms, Weinstein creates assemblages that use the familiar in surprising ways, blurring the lines…

  • Pendulum/Pendula  

    Living in the tension between beauty and repulsion, playfulness and danger, Pendulum/Pendula is a series of paintings produced collaboratively by artists John Hall and Alexandra Haeseker. With colourful subject matter drawn largely from  Mexican culture, the work is rendered in the stunningly photorealistic style they’re both known for.   Hall & Haeseker met when they were…

  • Domiciled

    Katherine Hofmann’s installation Domiciled combines clay with found materials in ways that confound, surprise and delight. In 2013 Hofmann made a clean break from her practice as a production potter in order to explore form and material in an open-ended way. The resulting body of work is both playful and unsettling in it’s refusal to…

  • Boukje Elzinga: La Puerta Negra 

    Titled “La Puerta Negra” (The Black Door), this exhibition was inspired by numerous trips the artist has taken to Mexico, as well as a recent trip to Peru. The paintings and sketches relate not only to the richness of the culture, but also to the element of oppressive violence that reaches at least as far…