60 Years/60 Objects: A Diamond Anniversary

Did you know that in 1949 all bikes in Nelson required a license? Or that J. A. Gilker, opened his first store in a wall tent, and before becoming the first official postmaster used a wooden gin box set on its side to sort the letters in? In celebration of 60th anniversary of the founding…

2015 May 23 – 2015 Sep 06

Curated by Rod Taylor

60 Years / 60 Objects marks the 60th anniversary of Touchstones Nelson, which began in 1955 with the founding of the Nelson Museum Association. In celebration our 60th anniversary, this exhibition will share 60 notable or unusual objects from our Archives and Collections that help tell the story of our community. From a pickle jar to a bike license, this will be a diverse and rollicking exhibit that has something for everyone

Objects 1-15 are out in the community, featuring businesses and buildings that have either changed or vanished entirely. Find their locations with the walking tour brochure, available near the entrance to the gallery. The rest are here! There’s a lot to look at, so wander around and see what catches your eye. I also invite you to write your own Nelson/Kootenay Lake memory on one of the forms provided.

It took a community to make this museum (and art gallery) and to help maintain this connection with our past. Today, the depth and diversity of the material in the Archives and Permanent Collection are a testament to the many dedicated people who have donated to, volunteered, researched and worked at the museum over the years. A special thanks to Laura Fortier, the Archives and Collections Manager for all her work on this project. Thanks as well to Shawn Lamb, Alan Ramsden, Heather MacAskill, Dennis Ray, Kathleen Nichol, Steve Kobs, The Osprey Foundation, and our many generous community sponsors.

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The Nelson Museum is located in beautiful downtown Nelson, British Columbia.


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