the aliens among us exhibition

Aliens Among Us

The Royal BC Museum’s popular exhibition Aliens Among Us is about to invade Nelson! The exhibition aims to educate British Columbians about the growing threat of alien species in our natural environment. “By raising awareness about the issue of alien species, we hope to inform people so they can make good choices about protecting B.C.’s…

2012 Dec 01 – 2013 Feb 24

On Loan From the Royal BC Museum

Did you know the American Bullfrog arrived in British Columbia to supply a frog leg industry that never took off? Or that approximately 200 million European Starlings in North America are here thanks to a Shakespeare fan?

Aliens Among Us is a travelling Royal BC Museum exhibition on British Columbia’s invasive species. The exhibition runs from December 1 to February 24 at Touchstones Nelson and invites visitors to interact with some of the province’s best-known and least-loved invasive species.

“There are over 4,000 alien species in the province and that number grows each year” says Gavin Hanke, Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at the Royal BC Museum. “Some of these aliens are invasive – they spread quickly, threaten native wildlife and are hard to control.”

American Bullfrogs, Scotch Broom, Smallmouth Bass and Purple Loosestrife are just a few of the species featured in Aliens Among Us. The exhibition tells the stories of how the invasive species arrived in the province, what individuals can do to protect their communities and how these aliens fit in – or don’t fit in – with their environments.

“There’s much to learn about the effect that invasive species have on biodiversity, and this exhibit lets you have a little fun doing it. ” says Touchstones Nelson curator Rod Taylor. “Not only is the subject very topical, but we’re really excited to present an exhibit of this calibre from such a renowned institution like the Royal B.C. Museum.”

A companion website and publication have been created to accompany Aliens Among Us. On the website, visitors can track species using Google Maps and upload the location of an alien sighting, images and field notes.

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