Carl Schlichting at work in the studio.

Artists in the Collection

By combining the Touchstones mandates of art gallery and museum, this exhibition is breaking new ground in Canadian arts and heritage practice. Witness the artist’s experience as both historical curator and creator as they combine artifacts with new works. Susan Andrews Grace and Carl Schlichting take you on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

2007 Oct 27 – 2008 Jan 27

Artists in the Collection: Featuring the work of Carl Schlichting and Susan Andrews Grace 

Two local artists, Carl Schlichting, sculptor and Susan Andrews Grace, writer and mixed-media artist, have been busy at work in Touchstones’ Permanent Collection since early summer. Acting in the dual role of curator and artist, each has researched and selected items from the Collection, considering such aspects as the artifacts’ historical provenance, and created a body of work in response to their interpretations. The exhibit curated by each artist within the exhibition will feature the historical items that inspired the artist alongside the new works produced.

Photographer, Jan Kozlowski, has been on hand through the project, documenting the exploration of each artist, from the initial research in the Collection through to making new works in the studio. The images accompany the exhibition, providing insight into the creative process and a behind-the scenes look at producing an exhibition. Fine-art aficionados and historical buffs alike will find this exhibition of interest!

Carl Schlichting at work in the studio.
Carl Schlichting at work in the studio.

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