The History of Radio in Nelson

In its earliest days, radio had an almost magical quality, with its ability to draw voices seemingly out of thin air into small black boxes. As its name suggests, this exhibit looks at the history of radio in Nelson, with a focus on the earlier years of broadcasting when the medium was at its most…

2012 Feb 04 – 2012 Apr 08

Can you imagine gathering around the radio in the evening for your favourite program instead of a television? A new exhibit at Touchstones Nelson, The History of Radio in Nelson, remembers that time, when radio was the center of news and entertainment in most of our homes.

Often called the “golden age” of radio, this period lasted from about the 1920’s to the mid 1950’s. From national programs like “the Happy Gang” to breaking news such as the tragic Hindenburg disaster in 1937, radio brought the world to its listeners in a way that no medium had done before, in many ways marking the beginning of mass communication as we know it today. Here in Nelson, CKLN served as a venue for local talent for many years, featuring the likes of “the Fairview Wranglers” and the radio plays of David Scott, as well as a host of others.

Visitors will not only be able to see vintage radios, amateur radio gear and other related items (both on loan and from the Touchstones Nelson permanent collection), but also hear a sampling of “old time” radio shows being played in the gallery.

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