Snow and Ice

In celebration of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, Snow and Ice: History of Winter Sports in Nelson will highlight notable Nelson sports figures both past and present. The exhibit feature sports artifacts from the permanent collection plus other items on special loan, including Nancy Greene’ s Olympic coat, an Everest Base Camp display from…

2010 Jan 23 – 2010 Mar 21

Snow and Ice: A History of Winter Sports in Nelson

Curated by Rod Taylor

Whether it’s the natural beauty, the terrain, the people, or some less tangible element, Nelson has a history of attracting individuals that bring with them a knowledge of and passion for winter culture. For some, that has meant joining others with similar interests in the rinks, ski hills and back country, and for others it has meant convincing young men that strapping on long wooden skis and flying at high speed over jumps that they’ve constructed is a fun thing to do where they come from.

But there’s more than one way to inform and inspire, and for those who have come here having already reached significant landmarks in their winter careers, this town has become a place to land, a home base from which they can continue to pursue those careers, whether locally or globally.

Not surprisingly then, Nelson also has a history of developing the abilities of those who have grown up here, some of whom have gone on to pursue those interests elsewhere, some of whom have stayed and passed their knowledge and enthusiasm onto younger generations.

I feel compelled to mention that in addition to the relatively small number of people included here, there are many other interesting and distinguished individuals who are not. Although largely a result of the wide ranging nature of this exhibit, sometimes it’s simply because we are lacking information about them. If you know of such a person, and have photos or other types of documentation, I would encourage you to let us know. Similarly, if you find any discrepancies or missing information in the written material you see here, please let us know. Thanks for coming and enjoy the exhibit!

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