• Karen Redfern: Metamorphosis 

    A photographic survey documenting the transformation of the former City Hall building into the new Touchstone’s facility.

  • Greetings from Nelson: Historic Postcards from the Collection

    Before Instagram and Facebook, postcards were a popular way for travelers to send a quick note and image to friends or family. Postcards can be a window on the past, showing us people, places, and even cultural attitudes, as they were at that moment in time. This exhibition will feature many reproductions of postcards from…

  • Geo. A. Meeres, Nelson, BC

    George A. Meeres was a professional photographer who moved to Nelson in 1924. Soon after he purchased the Campbell Art Gallery (which would later become Vogue Photographic), which he ran until 1936. Always detailed and meticulous in his work, he later adopted the motto, “a good photo or none”!   Drawn from the Shawn Lamb Archives…

  • Heather Benning: Field Doll

    The Field Doll will be taking up residence at Touchstones during the late summer and fall of 2018 and will also be making an appearance at several iconic spaces throughout the city of Nelson, including the Big, Orange Bridge (BOB). Benning has exhibited the Field Doll both in Canada and the US by placing the…


    SHUTTER is the fourth in an ongoing series of medium-centric group exhibitions presented at Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, curated by Arin Fay, which explore specific medium through as diverse a lens as possible. SHUTTER brings together artists: Dayna Danger, Adad Hannah, Sandra Semchuk/Jerry DesVoignes, Thaddeus Holownia, Althea Thauberger, Suzy Lake and Fred Rosenberg.

  • Enduring Spirit

    Enduring Spirit is a collection of tintype colloidal prints that capture a moment in time of several families who have created their own place in the world. The portraits present contemporary families, yet the tintype method is dripping with nostalgia and romance.

  • Alone Time/ Queer Portraits

    JJ Levine is a Montreal-based artist working in intimate portraiture. Levine is holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography from Concordia University. Mostly known for the series Queer Portraits, Alone Time, and Switch. Levine has been honoured with several awards and received grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du QuĂ©bec and…

  • As Immense as the Sky

    A single subject, dressed in ornate costumes or wielding intricate, handmade props, stands alone in a vast, empty landscape. It feels dreamlike, otherworldly, magical. From the shores of Newfoundland to the Saskatchewan prairies and between, Canadian artist Meryl McMaster seeks out these desolate places and poses her lone model for her photography series As Immense as…

  • Paul Seesequasis: Indigenous Archival Photo Project

    The Indigenous Archival Photo Project comes from three sources: regional Indigenous photographs from the Nelson Museum Archives and the Royal BC Archives and photographs selected from the work of photojournalist Rosemary (Gilliat) Eaton (1919 – 2004) that are with Library and Archives Canada. The result of this project has been to emancipate images from obscurity…