• PULP

    Throughout the last 2,000 years, paper has played a crucial role in collecting and sharing information and ideas and has allowed us a window into the past.

  • The Poetry of Objects

    A dress covered in spoons, a garment composed only of sleeves, an arc of lampshades….in the Poetry of Objects, artist Leah Weinstein invites you to celebrate unexpected connections and discover the extraordinary in the everyday. Using new and re-purposed materials and forms, Weinstein creates assemblages that use the familiar in surprising ways, blurring the lines…

  • Domiciled

    Katherine Hofmann’s installation Domiciled combines clay with found materials in ways that confound, surprise and delight. In 2013 Hofmann made a clean break from her practice as a production potter in order to explore form and material in an open-ended way. The resulting body of work is both playful and unsettling in it’s refusal to…

  • Unfamiliar Selves

    Who are we and what is the nature of identity? In Unfamiliar Selves, artists Jude Griebel and Tammy Salzl explore this question. Griebel’s fantastic sculptural beings contrast with the quieter, more introspective qualities of Salzl’s small scale watercolour paintings. Together, they offer a diverse and engaging perspective on the uncertain notion of identity

  • Heather Benning: Field Doll

    The Field Doll will be taking up residence at Touchstones during the late summer and fall of 2018 and will also be making an appearance at several iconic spaces throughout the city of Nelson, including the Big, Orange Bridge (BOB). Benning has exhibited the Field Doll both in Canada and the US by placing the…

  • The Tablets

    With an international reputation for large scale sculpture spanning more than four decades, The Tablets represents the Saskatoon-based sculptors’ first full-fledged gallery installation. The Tablets presents a collection of metal assemblages of richly textured bronze and brass panels constructed from an array of salvaged materials, an homage to memory and monumentality, language and culture.  

  • Generational Echoes

    Generational Echoes presents a survey of series created by Emma Nishimura and focuses on the narratives surrounding the Japanese Canadian internment. Based in Toronto, Emma’s work ranges from traditional etchings, archival pigment prints, drawings, and audio pieces to art installations. Using a diversity of media, her work addresses ideas of memory and loss that are…

  • Time Warp

    John McKinnon has been an important and prolific part of the Kootenay artistic landscape since the 1970’s. His sculptures are part of the City of Nelson’s public art collection and his work is also featured in a number of cities across Canada and Internationally. John is an sculptor first and foremost, but also an instructor,…


    THROWN is a group ceramic exhibition that features a diverse cross-section of artists from across the country, all of which offer a distinct and exemplary approach to the ceramic medium. THROWN is the second iteration of an ongoing series of medium-centric exhibitions which was inspired by ‘Lost Thread’

  • Gu Xiong: The Unknown Remains

    Gu Xiong’s practice centers on the creation of a hybrid identity arising from the integration of different cultural origins and migrations. The Unknown Remains explores patterns of global human migration and capitalism through a local Kootenay lens.