• Utopia Unveiled: Intentional Communities in the Kootenays

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    The counterculture movement brought a wave of creativity to the Kootenays in areas such as theatre, ceramics, filmmaking, weaving, poetry, fine art, and music. Utopia Unveiled will explore how this community helped shaped Nelson.

  • PULP

    Throughout the last 2,000 years, paper has played a crucial role in collecting and sharing information and ideas and has allowed us a window into the past.

  • Judy Wapp: VisuAlchemy

    As an activist, visual artist, and radio personality for nearly 75 years, Judy Wapp has lived an incredible life.

  • Elevation

    This four-seasons backyard playground produced world-class athletes, built a tourism economy, and hosts adventurers from around the world.  This winter, the Nelson Museum, Archives & Gallery presents Elevation Рan ambitious exhibition exploring the vast expanse of the mountains in the Kootenays. 

  • The Poetry of Objects

    A dress covered in spoons, a garment composed only of sleeves, an arc of lampshades….in the Poetry of Objects, artist Leah Weinstein invites you to celebrate unexpected connections and discover the extraordinary in the everyday. Using new and re-purposed materials and forms, Weinstein creates assemblages that use the familiar in surprising ways, blurring the lines…

  • Lost Orchards: A History of Fruit Farming in the West Kootenays¬†

    Fruit ranching in the West Kootenays? Unlikely though it may seem, fruit ranching once played a prominent role in the local economy. In the early 1900s large areas of land were being cleared and cultivated by newly arrived residents, often lured by the promise of a mild climate and easy growing conditions. Many orchards grew…

  • 60 Years/60 Objects: A Diamond Anniversary

    Did you know that in 1949 all bikes in Nelson required a license? Or that J. A. Gilker, opened his first store in a wall tent, and before becoming the first official postmaster used a wooden gin box set on its side to sort the letters in? In celebration of 60th anniversary of the founding…

  • Wayne King: Retrospective

    The Wayne King Retrospective Exhibition reflects the King collection of the community of Nelson and area, and the love and enthusiasm that Kootenay denizens will always have for the unabashed, unofficial artist-laureate of Baker Street. Wayne King has departed but is not forgotten, and his vibrancy, dedication to beauty and proficiency are evident in the…

  • Bridget Corkery: Retrospective

    For much of her life, art making was part of Bridget Corkery‚Äôs everyday existence. After moving with her family to Nelson in the mid-1990s, she was an instructor in Mixed Media at the Kootenay School of the Arts, and later a founding member of the Nelson Fine Arts Centre (now the Oxygen Art Centre).¬†¬† This…

  • Regeneration

    Regeneration is an exhibit by Tsuneko Kokubo & Toru Fujibayashi, two senior artists with extensive, fascinating and variant backgrounds, who have been part of the Kootenay arts and culture fabric for many years. Regeneration evokes a minimalist design and aesthetic – like a Japanese-style garden of contemplation – with its tightly bounded compositions of gravel…